Stefan Mylleager and Pellarin did a mix for Download the mix here:


Statler & Waldorf mix April 2008.mp3




Antifilm - When the world is a better place (IO) (to be released on Statler & Waldorf)
Gong - Gald to Sad to Say (Magick Brother) (Affinity)
Antifilm - Cabaret (Under) (to be released on Statler & Waldorf)
Brian Eno - In Dark Trees (Another green world) (Polydor)
Pellarin & Lenler - Restless feat. Raz Ohara (Accapella) (unreleased)
Rasmus Møbius - Disco de oro (unreleased)
Vladislav Delay - Heko (Helsinki/Suomi) (Max Ernst)
Pellarin - Grey (Tango EP) (Statler & Waldorf)
Baby Ford & The IFac Collective - Sugar spoon (Klang)
Loumo - Visitor (Pellarin mix) (unreleased)
Burial - Archangel (Untrue) (Hyperdub)
SND - Track 03 (Tender Love) (Mille Plateaux)
Rosco P Coldchain - This beat is hot feat. Clipse (Neptunes presents...Clones) (Star Trak)
Pan Sonic - Vaihtovirta (Aaltopiiri) (Blast First)
Tim Hecker - Dungeoneering+Palimpsest (Harmony in Ultraviolet) (Kranky)
Mogwai - Mogwai fear Satan (Surgeon Mix) (Kicking a dead pig) (Chemical Underground)
Robert Hood - Grey Move (Minimal Nation) (M Plant)
Nick Rapaccioli - Klein (rapaccioli ep 1) (vertical form)
Rhythm & Sound - Jah Rules (Burial Mix)
Chet Baker - My Funny Valentine (My Funny Valentine) (?) ■