October 29th, 2012

Rasmus Møbius did a remix of a track from the recent album by fellow Danish dubheads Det Sejler I Effekter.
Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?hjg6hsvrbkx0qzp ■

Pellarin is featured on the first vinyl 12" from the label Eleve based in Madrid.

A1. Pellarin - Rods n Cones preview by ELEVE

http://www.discogs.com/Pellarin-Sowing-Paranoia-Bule-ELEVE-01-BLACK-SERIES/release/2988587 ■

During a recent off-season stay in Florida Pellarin did a remix of a song from the forth coming Tiger Baby album.  ■

See video

Last summer Pellarin & Lenler performed live at the beach bar "Cable Park" in the Copenhagen harbour area. Download the recording here:


http://www.statler-waldorf.dk/live-recordings/2010-08-07 pellarin & lenler live cabelpark.mp3 ■

A lot of our releases are available at the free, interruption-free streaming site Wavesout — and more is coming. ■

Rasmus Møbius has remixed the track "Flader mod flader" by Stoffer og Maskinen. Listen at their myspace. ■

Rasmus Møbius contributed a track to the "Beasts" compilation, a collection of instrumentals from jakobmedk. Download it for free here: jakobme.dk/?p=118 ■

A selection of our tracks are available at the gogoyoko webshop ■

We have a selection of tracks on soundcloud: soundcloud.com/statlerwaldorf ■

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