Long term friends and collaborators Kim Lenler (electronics) and Niels Ladefoged (guitar) have teamed up to create live sound tracks for the films Faust, Nosferatu and Sunrise, all by F.W. Murnau. The documententation is out on vinyl now. You can listen to it in the jukebox, and buy it from the shop. ■

Zoom in to see which types of music we liked during the past year: Statler & Waldorf. ■

June 3rd, 2012

Rasmus Møbius contributed to the exhibition Shaped By Time. ■

January 13th, 2012

Pressure Lostthe debut album by Nature Won, is out now. We are celebrating this, and the previous release of Strand by Pellarin & Lenler, by hosting a double release party at Cocktail Box on Jan 13 from 9pm — 2am. Join us, have a cocktail and listen to the albums and other inspiring music from both artists! ■

Double release flyer

Pellarin & Lenler have finished their new record "Strand". It is available on 12" vinyl from the shop, and will be available digitally soon. A release event is also in the making. ■

Pellarin & Lenler — Strand cover

Pellarin is featured on the first vinyl 12" from the label Eleve based in Madrid.

A1. Pellarin - Rods n Cones preview by ELEVE

http://www.discogs.com/Pellarin-Sowing-Paranoia-Bule-ELEVE-01-BLACK-SERIES/release/2988587 ■

A lot of our releases are available at the free, interruption-free streaming site Wavesout — and more is coming. ■

We have just added a new t-shirt and canvas bag to the shop, coinciding with the release of fiber. ■

Epic minimal afghan dubtechno.

Out now on limited LP with handmade sleeve. ■

Rasmus Møbius has remixed the track "Flader mod flader" by Stoffer og Maskinen. Listen at their myspace. ■

A selection of our tracks are available at the gogoyoko webshop ■

We have a selection of tracks on soundcloud: soundcloud.com/statlerwaldorf ■

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